Mistress Octavia BBW Dominatrix in The Hamptons & New York City
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A Brief Introduction:

Really when it comes down to it, I love to play. Watching you suffer for my amusement, the look of adoration as you lap at my toes, the quiver of your lips as you brace yourself for my next blow, when I look into your eyes and see the naked truth of your submission; these are the moments that I relish.

Over two decades of professional BDSM experience in the New York City scene have refined my preferences for play. I've retained a particular fondness for worship of my size 12 feet and incredibly muscular legs, creative roleplay, sensual corporal punishment, sensation play and electrics, specifically the Violet Wand.

Though I can easily assume the Uber-Bitch persona if it is important to you, I prefer to torment you while being my sexy and playful self. The power of my gaze is intense and time spent with me is often addictive. I'm smart, I'm flexible and I truly enjoy sessions with both the tentative first timer and the hardcore masochist.

Towering over many men at 5'9" tall barefoot (up to 6'4" in heels), I am of Amazonian proportions, a true BBW, busty with incredibly long and strong, very toned muscular legs. I have intense hazel (green to brown) eyes and luscious long dark red curls. I have perfectly pedicured size 12 feet. I have known for a long time that a corset and a whip do not a mistress make. I can effortlessly assert my dominance in jeans and a pair of cowboy boots as easily as in a latex dress and seven-inch heels.